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Ambrotype Portrait of 98-Year-Old Milly Perkins Who Lived in Bethany, Connecticut (1850's/1860's)

Ambrotype portrait of 98-year-old Milly Perkins who lived in Bethany, Connecticut, c. 1850's/1860's. From the book Bethany And Its Hills by Eliza Jennette Lines published in 1905.

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Stereoview Portrait of an Unidentified Man Posing With a Book (1860′s)

Stereoview portrait of an unidentified man posing with a book, c. 1860′s. The original stereoview is not stereoscopic.

Source: Library of Congress.

Stereoview Portrait of a Group Posing in the Interior of a Cottage in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts (1800′s)

Stereoview portrait of a group posing in the interior of a cottage in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, c. 1800′s. By Charles H. Shute and Son.

Source: Boston Public Library.

Stereoview of the 26th National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic and Attractions Including a Replica of the USS Kearsarge in Front of the Washington Monument in Washington DC (1892)

View of the 26th National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic and attractions including a replica of the USS Kearsarge in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., 1892. By John Fillis Jarvis.

Source: Library of Congress.

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Stereoview Scene of a Man Looking at Stereoviews And a Wary Couple Titled “An Optical Delusion. - Things Seen And Things Not Seen.” (1850′s/1860′s)

Stereoview scene of a man looking at stereoviews and a wary couple titled “An optical delusion. - Things seen and things not seen.” Probably British, c. 1850′s/1860′s.

Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art.