Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Union Soldier Pretending to Fire a Quaker Gun Near Centreville, Virginia (1862)

A Union soldier pretending to fire a Quaker gun with a stick which was part of captured Confederate fortifications, Centreville, 1862. Animated stereoscopic photograph.

Street Scene in Front of the Royal Exchange

A busy street scene in front of the Royal Exchange building, London, c. 1887. Animated stereoview.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Union Soldiers Posing with a Captured Confederate Howitzer

Union soldiers posing with a 12-pounder howitzer captured during the Battle of Hanover Court House, 1862. Animated stereoscopic photograph.


Russian Soldiers Retreating After the Battle of Liaoyang

Russian soldiers retreating after the Battle of Liaoyang in Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese War, 1904. Animated stereoview.


A Group of German POWs Captured During the Battle of Belleau Wood (1918)


A group of German POWs captured by American troops during the Battle of Belleau Wood, 1918. By W.E. Troutman, Inc. Animated stereoview.


Japanese Soldiers in Square Formation During Drilling (1904)

Japanese soldiers drilling in square formation during the Russo-Japanese War, c. 1904. Animated stereoview.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Union Intelligence Agents at Cumberland Landing

Union intelligence agents including spy chief Allan Pinkerton (smoking a pipe in the center background) posing in front of Foller's House at Cumberland Landing, 1862. By James Gibson. Animated stereoscopic photograph.


Animated Stereoviews of Militiamen Passing By During an Independence Day Parade Near Tryon Row in New York City (1860)

Animated stereoviews of a crowd watching soldiers and cavalry, probably militiamen, passing by near Tryon Row during an Independence Day parade in New York City, July 4, 1860.

Source 1: New York Public Library.
Source 2: New York Public Library.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Maria Spelterini Walking a Tightrope Strung Over the Niagara River

Two views of Italian performer Maria Spelterini walking a tightrope strung over the Niagara River while wearing peach baskets strapped to her feet during United States Centennial celebrations, 1876. A large crowd can be seen watching the event from the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge in the background. Animated stereoviews.

Source 1.
Source 2.
Wikipedia entry.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Union Zouaves Dining With George Templeton Strong at Fort Monroe, Virginia (1861)

Union Zouave officers of the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment enjoying a meal provided by New York lawyer and diarist George Templeton Strong (seated second from left) at Fort Monroe, Virginia, 1861. By George Stacy. Animated stereoview.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

View of Chestnut Street in Philadelphia

"North side of Chestnut Street, between Second Street and Third Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania." Comparison of two views of Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, c. 1842. Three men are visible in one of the photographs and various objects on the sidewalk have moved slightly. The position of the shadows at the bottom left of the photographs might show that a measurable amount of time had passed between the taking of each view which were presumably taken on the same day. By William G. Mason.

Source 1.
Source 2.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Union Soldiers of the 7th New York Militia

Union soldiers of the 7th New York Militia posing in front of a tent, probably taken in Camp Cameron, Washington, DC, 1861. Animated stereoscopic photograph.


A Line of French Soldiers Advancing to the Front

French soldiers watching a line of comrades moving to the front. Animated stereoview.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

American Soldiers Posing in a Street During the Mexican-American War

"Webster's Battalion, Minon's Pass - Mountains just North of Buena Vista to E."

"View along a street in Saltillo, Mexico." (This caption was probably made by the Amon Carter Museum of American Art)

Two views of American soldiers posing in a street in Saltillo during the Mexican-American War, c. 1847. They seem to have been taken from slightly different angles that allows them to be viewed in a slightly stereoscopic way. I have never seen these photographs connected in this way before online. By an unknown photographer.

Source 1.
Source 2.

Union Zouaves Posing Around a Makeshift Mess Table at Fort Monroe (1861)

A group of Union Zouaves posing around a makeshift mess table, Fort Monroe, 1861. By George Stacy. Animated stereoview.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Confederate Guards Overlooking Belle Isle Prison Camp, Richmond (1863)

Two views of the Confederate Belle Isle Prison Camp, which was located on said island in the James River, Richmond, c. 1863. The prison commandant, Major Thomas P. Turner (standing near center in first photograph), is seen posing with other Confederate guards under his command and possibly curious civilians on a hill overlooking a mass of Union POW tents. The cannon that some of them are posing with looks as though it is being aimed down at some Union POW tents. The tents in the far distance near the river are those of Confederate guards. By Charles R. Rees.

Source 1.
Source 2.
More information.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wright Aeroplane at Fort Myer

A Wright aeroplane undergoing testing at Fort Myer, Virginia, c. 1908. The plane is possibly the Wright Military Flyer that was tested there and crashed at around this time. The man in the white shirt looks like Orville Wright but is not identified in the source.


The Prince of Wales in Maine

The Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, riding in a carriage (center right, looking at camera) with his entourage during his visit to the United States in Portland, Maine, 1860. The trip marked the first time a heir to the British throne step foot in North America. By George Stacy. Animated stereoview.


American Soldiers during the Philippine–American War

"Expecting a Filipino attack behind the cemetery wall." American soldiers posing behind a wall in Pasig during the Philippine-American War, c. 1899. Animated stereoview.


French Cavalry

French cavalry, c. 1914. Animated stereoview.

Crash of the Wright Military Flyer, the First Fatal Powered Airplane Crash, at Fort Myer, Virginia (1908)

Spectators tending to pilot Orville Wright or passenger Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge moments after the crash of the Wright Military Flyer at Fort Myer, Virginia, 1908. Selfridge, who wasn't wearing any protective gear, died from a fractured skull, becoming the first powered airplane crash fatality. Orville Wright suffered severe injuries but survived. Animated stereoview.

Friday, April 11, 2014

French Soldiers Awaiting a German Assault?

French soldiers in trenches near Compi├Ęgne said to be awaiting a German attack but probably taken during training. The lack of any ground torn up by shell holes and the exposed position of the cameraman are good indications that this was taken during training. The closest that stereoscopic cameras seemed to have really come to photographing combat in World War I was capturing artillery shells exploding. Animated stereoview.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Pawnee Camp in the Platte Valley (1866)

A Pawnee Native American camp in the Platte Valley, 1866. By John Carbutt. Animated stereoview.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Confederate Soldiers Posing With Cannons and Rubble in the Interior of Fort Sumter (1861)

"Salient with North-west Casemates, Fort Sumter." A group of Confederate soldiers posing with cannons and rubble in the interior of Fort Sumter shortly after its surrender by Union forces, April 1861. A rare example of a stereoscopic image taken of non-POW Confederates in the field. The second photograph is a CDV version that is much sharper in its details. By Osborn & Durbec.

Source 1.
Source 2.

A Group of Union Soldiers and Civilians Watching the Battle of Nashville from Capitol Hill in Nashville, Tennessee (1864)

"Spectators watching the fight between Hood and Thomas." A group of Union soldiers and civilians watching the Battle of Nashville from Capitol Hill in Nashville, Tennessee, December 15, 1864. By Jacob F. Coonley. Animated stereoscopic photographs.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Highlanders Marching Through Boulogne

French civilians greeting soldiers of a Highlander regiment marching through Boulogne-sur-Mer, c. 1914. Animated stereoview.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Battery Chatfield on Morris Island

Union soldiers posing with an artillery piece in Battery Chatfield on Morris Island, Charleston, 1864. By Sam A. Cooley.


Railroad Destruction

Union soldiers of the 1st Michigan Volunteer Engineers and Mechanics Regiment tearing up railroad tracks in Atlanta, 1864. By George Barnard. Animated stereoview.

Source 1.
Source 2.

Battle of Colenso Reenactment

A reenactment of the Battle of Colenso as seen from the Boer side during the St. Louis World's Fair, 1904. Animated stereoview.