Monday, February 3, 2014

Two Portraits of the Color Guard of the 7th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment Posing With Their Flags and Henry Repeating Rifles

Two portraits of Union soldiers from the color guard of the 7th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment posing with their flags and Henry repeating rifles. The rifles could be fired at a rate of 28 rounds per minute.

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Unknown said...

Hello! My name is Melissa Winn and I am the photo editor for Civil War Times magazine. We're interested in finding these images of the 7th Illinois and their Henry Rifles for an article we are running in our magazine about the Henry Rifle during the Civil War. Can you tell me where you sourced these images from? I need to get high res JPEGs of them for our magazine and any help you can give me in finding them would be great! You can contact me at or (703) 779-8369