Friday, June 13, 2014

Italian Bersaglieri Soldiers Posing on the Deck of the Italian Royal Navy Ship Re Galantuomo in New York Harbor (1862)

Converted black and white version.

Italian Bersaglieri soldiers posing on the deck of the Italian Royal Navy ship Re Galantuomo in New York Harbor, 1862. Animated stereoview.

Source: New York Public Library.

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Maurizio said...

The soldiers in the picture are not Bersaglieri (light infantry of the army) but marines of the Kingdom of Italy (Fanteria della Real marina). Whose training and uniforms (1860) derived mainly from that of the Bersaglieri (with the only difference of the insignia, the frieze on the feathered hat (crossed anchors not rifles) and the aiguillette which had a different color (red not green).