Saturday, January 10, 2015

Time-Lapse Daguerreotype Views of Rue Saint-Maur in Paris During the French Revolution of 1848 Taken a Day Apart (1848)

"Barricades on Rue Saint-Maur. Before the attack, June 25, 1848." Caption source.

"The Barricade in rue Saint-Maur-Popincourt after the attack by General Lamoricière's troops, Monday 26 June 1848." Caption source.

Time-lapse daguerreotype views of Rue Saint-Maur in Paris during the French Revolution of 1848 taken a day apart on June 25/26, 1848. Rebels are seen behind barricades in the June 25th view who might be in the middle of strengthening them. In the June 26th view, a mass of French soldiers and artillery are visible. This scene was photographed after General Christophe Léon Louis Juchault de Lamoricière's troops captured the street from the rebels. It looks as though the two closer barricades have been knocked down to some extent in this view. Both views are by French daguerreotypist Thibault.



steve woolf said...

This is an amazing early time/lapse stereo. Where do you find this stuff? Anyway, this a a really interesting blog you have here. It's a great way to see the stereo effect without a viewer or glasses, which many don't have. You are to be congratulated. I'm sure I speak for many who visit your pages.

chubachus said...

Thanks for the comment! I'm not completely sure that I am the first to notice, but I think I have been discovering that some early daguerreotypes taken at different times of the same subject might have accidentally or possibly on purpose captured some scenes in stereo before the advent of purpose-made stereoscopic daguerreotype pairs around 1850. I do all of the animations for the blog myself and try to include the sources for each post.