Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Group of Mourners Posing in Front of Abraham Lincoln’s Former Home in the 1840′s Named the Globe Tavern Sometime After Lincoln’s Assassination in Springfield, Illinois (1865)

A group of mourners posing in front of Abraham Lincoln’s former home in the 1840′s named the Globe Tavern sometime after Lincoln’s assassination in Springfield, Illinois, 1865. By Samuel Montague Fasset.


Ambrotype Portrait of an Unidentified African American Boy During the Civil War

Ambrotype portrait of an unidentified African American boy during the Civil War.


Photograph Taken During a Political Rally at Which Horace Greeley is Said to be Speaking in St. Charles, Illinois

Photograph taken during a political rally at which Horace Greeley is said to be speaking in St. Charles, Illinois, c. 1860's.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

A German Machine Gun Crew in a Trench During the Battle of Tannenberg Near the Masurian Lakes in East Prussia (1914)

A German machine gun crew in a trench during the Battle of Tannenberg near the Masurian Lakes in East Prussia, August 1914.


Daguerreotype Portrait of a Blacksmith Posing With a Hammer and Pliers

Daguerreotype portrait of a blacksmith posing with a hammer and pliers, c. 1850′s.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

View of Union Soldiers Guarding a Pontoon Bridge Crossing the Potomac River Connecting Virginia With Brunswick, Maryland (1862)

View of Union soldiers guarding a pontoon bridge crossing the Potomac River connecting Virginia, in the foreground, with Berlin (now Brunswick), Maryland, October 1862. The bridge on the right was destroyed by Confederate forces. By Alexander Gardner. Animated stereoscopic photographs.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Two Scenes of Union Soldiers Posing on Earthworks Near Atlanta, Georgia (1864)

Two scenes of Union soldiers posing on earthworks near Atlanta, Georgia, July 1864. By George Barnard. Animated stereoscopic photographs.

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Portrait of Two Union Telegraph Operators at a Headquarters During the Siege of Petersburg Near Petersburg, Virginia (1864)

Portrait of two Union telegraph operators at a headquarters during the Siege of Petersburg near Petersburg, Virginia, August 1864. By Timothy O'Sullivan. Animated stereoscopic photographs.


View of a Large Crowd Mourning the Death of President Abraham Lincoln in Court House Square a Few Days After his Assassination in Bloomington, Illinois (1865)

View of a large crowd mourning the death of President Abraham Lincoln in Court House Square a few days after his assassination in Bloomington, Illinois, April 1865. By J. R. Tankersley.

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